Bulls Legacy Collection: 1996 Championship Ring

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72-10. Enough said. 

This ring was earned through maybe the single best season from an NBA team of all time; the perfect storm of basketball greatness. This was the first team to ever win more than 70 games. They posted a 39-2 home record. They won 14 out of their first 15 playoff games and went up 3-0 in the Finals before finishing Seattle off in six. This championship ring stands out as it belongs to maybe the most iconic NBA team in history. Here’s your chance to own a piece of that history.

When buying an NFT here, you’ll be buying one of the 96 minted 1996 Championship Ring NFTs. What tier you get, or what serial number you will receive, will be completely randomized and you’ll discover what you have received after you’ve purchased the NFT. The minting counts for each tier for the 1996 Championship Ring are listed below:

Legendary (Gold): 6
Iconic (Black): 23
Rare (Red): 67